Metals Update

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As silver has exploded higher, the gold/silver ratio has dropped back to near 80-1. Premiums have turned and moved higher each day for about a week. While we do have inventory, there are again some wait times on delivery. Nothing like 6-8 weeks in some instances back in April but wait times nonetheless. If you have pondered making purchase and held off, now would be a good time to pull the trigger as metal is available. We went from a Thursday to a Monday back in late March where dealer inventory was essentially wiped clean. As Jim says, the time to purchase metal is when you have the cash available. I would add, the time to purchase metal is when the metal is available. Whether it is caused by an event or just a plain stampede, I have maintained and still do that metal will go in to hiding. Do not try to time your purchase as the train is pulling away from the station and picking up steam with gold and silver on it. Do not be left behind because you believed you could time the move. Being left behind this time will be a lifelong error!