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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Erik on the fact that we have little in the way of choice for our next election. I voted for Trump in the last election in the hope of a return to the rule of law and a vote against lawlessness. Yes he has appointed Supreme Court justices, Appeals court justices and conservative federal prosecutors…but what good is 100,000 sealed indictments if they are never opened, served or adjudicated? Where I disagree with Erik is, as my father used to tell me, if you do not vote you should not opine either way on any candidate because the country will not run itself with “no one” at the helm.

Our country, our world for that matter is mathematically headed toward financial collapse. It will either occur with or without a rule of law. I suspect the rule of law will be “suspended” for a spell and anarchy will take over.  The biggest problem in my opinion is that younger gens today have been so purposely dumbed down, right wrong and logic do not exist. In a vacuum without law, anarchy will reign supreme for a spell. Then and only then will those who did not vote may wish they did? But then again as the saying goes, it doesn’t matter “who” you vote for, it matters “who” counts the votes…where is George Washington when you need him?!

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