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An avalanche will take out even the strongest trees. When it gets going, nothing can stand in its way.


America’s Largest Mall On Verge Of Default After Missing Two Loan Payments
May 21, 2020

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, US malls were in a crisis, with vacancies in January hitting a record high.

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However, in the post-corona world, commercial real estate has emerged as one of the most adversely impacted sectors (perhaps because the Fed has so far refused to bail it out), with the number of new delinquencies soaring to a record high in recent weeks.



File under avalanche theory….


Here Comes The Wave: Loan Defaults Hit 6 Years High
May 22, 2020

Two weeks ago, when looking at the recent flurry of chapter 11 filings and a striking correlation between the unemployment rate and loan delinquencies, we said that a “biblical” wave of bankruptcies is about to flood the US economy.

shopping vacancy


CIGA Lon checks in with a topic soon to be extremely relevant.  Those who have protected themselves will still be standing yet see most everything fallen down around them.  When the time comes, even though you have been thought and spoken of as an idiot, be charitable!


Jim & Bill,

There is no need to respond; I know you are both very busy and doing a great job in trying to bring people to a better understanding of what is going to happen and how it is unfolding now.

I heard something in the message from last Saturday that was sent to me yesterday… First, thank you for sending it. It said near the end that the goal is to make it to the ‘other side of the crises’ with assets that can then be deployed to make life very comfortable for the individual. I fully agree with the intent…but I think something is also important. Someone said to finish first one must first finish.

When I was the CFO of a company called Charlotte Russe and doing very well personally and financially; I got the news that my legally separated mother and father were dying and so was my younger unmarried sister. They lived in three very widely separate parts of the country. My wife and I have always worked and lived on less than what we made and our only daughter was very fortunate to have an athletic scholarship to the university she was attending. God has been good to us.

I gave Charlotte Russe a few of months’ notice of my intent to leave and take care of my family. That was not exactly what I wanted to do as my wife and I tried to get ready for a hoped comfortable retirement. I fully enjoyed my job, chosen field of endeavor and continued to consult for several years based on when I could fit it in which meant a reduced income (I’m not a very good salesman….including selling myself).

The point of this is that a lot of people, for a myriad of reasons, are not ready or prepared for this financial crisis. My wife and I don’t donate to organizations but as individuals we help others with funds anonymously and personally over rough spots in life. Though we are careful to give a hand-up and not a handout.

I don’t want any response to this letter, but I do believe that those that have the knowledge and/or, assets should have a goal of helping others during this crises to get through it…..Just as you two are, and have been doing with your financial knowledge and experiences in opening the eyes and ears of those willing to listen and learn. I truly believe there are a lot of people who will need what can be spared by others to get through this mess. That too is a reasonable use of assets and part of the Judeo-Christian ethics of our country.

Lon Gilbert