America is Under Attack – Steve Quayle

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By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Renowned radio host, filmmaker and book author Steve Quayle says everything from cataclysms to Covid 19 is all part of the “Last Days” talked about in the Bible. Quayle says, “We are going through what I would call ‘quantum transformation’ that is taking place in the heavenly realm, on earth and under the ocean. We are in a period that is very clearly spoken of in the Bible as the ‘End of the Age.’ When it comes to the United States, I coined a phase, and it is ‘rape, pillage and plunder, the USA is torn asunder.’ What we are seeing is the absolute attack on everything that made America great starting with the separation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the churches. The churches have rolled over and are seeker friendly. Now, people are without anchors to their souls. They are coming apart at the seams.”

Quayle says the Wuhan Coronavirus is no accident and explains, “Here’s the bottom line, and I pray people get this. There was an intentional bio attack on the United States. . . . It’s totally designed to destroy the country. I don’t think this can turn around and come back. You’ve got too many people out of work. . . . People have to understand this. You cannot say to someone you cannot feed yourself. You cannot go to work. We are going to come in and inject you with a poison. I say vaccine, shot in the arm, shot in the head, either way they want you dead. . . . They’ve got to know, and they do know exactly what they are doing. . . .The seeds of the communist infiltration in America now are coming to fruition. These people have yielded to bribery. It’s obvious, and some people say that’s really extreme. Are you kidding me? Extreme? There are five mile long lines on the highway with people waiting for handouts or waiting for their $1,200 checks. We are going into the worst financial situation the world has ever seen. We are going to have a deflationary depression, but they are going to print money like there is no tomorrow. They say that can’t happen. Oh, yeah? Look at oil. It went down to -$40 per barrel. That’s negative, and some people say oil could go down to a -$100 per barrel. . . . Here’s my bottom line. There are no markets anymore for true price discovery, only manipulations.”