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Listeners were warned back in September there was a problem in the repo market. Listeners were again warned B was cover for A in February. Listeners were told the price on comex and the street would grow much wider in time. Listeners were warned oil could could go negative. Do you see a pattern here?


A Did Not Cause B
April 28, 2020

A = coronavirus. B = economic meltdown.

A caused B.

That’s the mainstream narrative when it comes to the economic pain we’re feeling right now.

But in reality, A did not cause B. B was in the works long before A came along.

Of course, the mainstream never recognized the rot in the economy a few months ago. In fact, everything thing looked glowing on the surface. As economist Mark Thornton reminds us in an article published on the Mises Wire, on February 10, a mere 10 weeks ago, stock markets were at all-time highs. The unemployment rate was at an all-time low.