Virus Vs. Print…Look What Gold Has Done

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Great and Wonderful Sunday Morning Folks,

      Over the past few years, part of my daily writeups have been on 3 emerging market currencies that went into supersonic-print which created the inflated prices of Silver and Gold under those currencies. Friday, after my early morning write up, I started to wonder how bad things have really gotten when it came to the Virus Vs. Print and decided to visit Egon von Greyerz’s website to look over all the currencies that are posted.

     Under my normal watch, I observed the Venezuelan Bolivar had Gold rising 62.34% over the past 30 days and over 4,182.76% in 1 years’ time. The Argentine Peso’s price for Gold rose 17.8% over the last 30 days and 88.96% over the past 18 months, or since July 2019. The Turkish Lira’s value sent Gold up 21.02% over the past 30 days and 49.23% since July 2019. But wait! There’s More!

      The situation here is Gold’s value has risen under ALL the currencies over the past 30 days! Even against the Euro and the US Dollar which are supposed to go against each other … Gold has risen against the print! Whether this is “the print against the product” or “the people of every single nation” are buying, or both at the same time, may no longer matter. The point is, Gold is starting to break free under all the fiats posted. With the markets in absolute turmoil because of this viral strain, gold’s overall performance over these past 30 days, may prove we are about to enter into the run of a lifetime. On average, the currencies show a median of 13 to 15% gains, with very few UNDER these percentages, and the world’s people, under their overprinted fiat economies, are not even working anymore. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but it sure does seem to be the people are starting to catch on.

       Our day may be here, after all these years, as the news moves faster than we can report on it. So, enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and keep the faith. …

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson