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Bill Holter’s Commentary

While we definitely disagree with Martin Armstrong regarding gold and a few other financial conclusions, the following is quite good. In fact, this quote may be his best ever?

“I hope we do not go gradually into that darkness of tyranny. I fear most of all for my family and what I will leave behind at the close of my life. So I rage against the dying light of freedom, not for myself, but for my legacy. All I can say is I pray for civilization, for this lockdown is the first step toward tyranny and we are slipping gradually into that darkness where the tree of liberty withers and dies. This is the true price of socialism. It is never about the people, it is only about empowering the state. When freedom is lost, it can never be restored by peaceful means if history is a witness to the folly of human society. Liberty once lost is lost forever. There have been bloodless revolutions as was the case in Russia in 1991. That requires the military and the police to open their eyes and realize they are defending tyranny against their own families. If that can be accomplished, then the mighty fall without the arm of oppression.”

Martin Armstrong