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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Do they really have 92 tons that can be delivered this month?…Stay tuned!

COMEX Bombshell – Most eligible vaulted gold has nothing to do with COMEX
April 15, 2020

In the midst of the ongoing fractures in the paper gold markets that have triggered bullion bank panic from London to New York, forcing their public , the LBMA and CME Group (COMEX) to

claiming “healthy gold stocks in New York and London”, we have consistently reminded those interested in the topic that the claims of the LBMA-COMEX do not stand up to scrutiny, in regards to both the London gold float, and the deliverable gold inventories in the COMEX approved New York vaults, especially when it comes to ‘Eligible gold’.

To wit, from recent BullionStar articles:

– “Eligible gold just means any gold which happens to be in the approved COMEX vaults that is in the form of 1 kilo bars or 100 oz bars. Essentially, this could be anything. It is gold that is already owned by random entities, which would include mints, refiners, and jewellery companies, so eligible gold may have absolutely nothing to do with COMEX or CME.”


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Does this chart mean anything to you?

Can you say French Revolution?