So Far, 14 Central Banks Dropped Their Rates In March

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      It seems too much is going on; the news is overwhelming. We‘ve witnessed over the past week our Federal Reserve cut rates to zero with reactions from Canada, and the UK, but not Europe. We all know that Repos are accelerating, more than doubling the doublings since September and the creation of new money is like watching Mount St. Helen’s and Krakatoa going off at the same time with falling debris not affecting the population, yet. The fast-rising value in the US Dollar, is acting like a blow off top, as I witnessed the Dollar gain another 200+ basis points during the day. I am also quite certain that our long-term focus, over all these years, regarding the devaluation of the Dollar and the rise of precious metals, is much closer to happening.

What I haven’t heard or seen, is how many central banks have adjusted their rates? Since I watch currencies, I figured my sources would have an article, in kind words, telling me what’s happening up there in the canopy of international currency, but alas. Maybe I need another set of sources, considering! Sometimes, asking a search engine a question that gets an accurate response is trying, very trying, but sometimes we can get good answers! Like this one I found. It’s not a story, but a list that shows 14 central banks have already reduced rates so far this month. (click the “date of change”).

      While main stream media continues to fail to deliver, with the banks running rates to the ground, and in a fear type way, it’s comforting to come here every day and to listen to the boys; Jim, Bill, Dave, and Denny, talk about things the media can’t/won’t, as the world’s financial system seems to be melting down before our very eyes. The Boys Challenge the Narrative with big breaths and common sense … stay close and as always …

Stay Strong!

Jeremiah Johnson

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