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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Erik’s latest.



Bill Holter’s Commentary

Erik correctly discusses reset 1 and 2.



Bill Holter’s Commentary

Someone might have lost a little money? Wait until people decide what “money” really is?

The Median US Stock Is Now Down 50% From Its Highs As World Loses $25 Trillion In A Month
March 19, 2020

Global stock and bond markets have seen $25 trillion of ‘paper’ wealth erased in the last month, wiping out all the gains from the Dec 2018 crash lows….

Global bonds are actually still up around $5 trillion while global stocks have lost around $5 trillion since the Dec 2018 lows, and a lot of those losses come from the US markets where the median stock is now down 50% from its highs… (because the Value Line index below is based on a geometric average the daily change is closest to the median stock price change)