God’s Trump Cycles Continue – Bo Polny

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By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial analyst and cycle expert Bo Polny called for a big market crash by the end of 2019. It did not happen. There was a good reason why. Polny says, “Billions and billions of dollars were pumped into the market at the end of the year to not let the crash happen. That is the number one reason the markets did not crash in December. That takes us to the second point, and that is the cycle is not over yet. . . . That is still pointing to a very big event in the first or second quarter of this year and the latter part of the year, too. This is not over. We are not out of the woods.”

Bo also says, “We have seen the highs in the stock market . . . and come this Wednesday, it will be the start of something not so nice in the markets. We have a down cycle that began on Friday February 7th, and the markets are expected to continue down all of next week.”

Polny thinks this down cycle for the markets will not stop until late April and forecasts there could be a “35% correction.”

So, will this sink President Trump’s chances for a second term? Polny, who has coined the term “God’s Trump Cycles,” says, “Absolutely not, according to Daniel’s timeline. It is two cycles of 1,260 days. This April 21st is only the completion of the first half of the cycle of 1,260 days. Then we have the second cycle of 1,260 days taking us into the end of 2023. So, Trump’s election is this November, and he’s going to continue to be President, and the cycle doesn’t end until December of 2023. Does that mean you don’t need to vote for Trump? The answer is 100% you must go vote for Trump. Here’s the thing you must understand whether you like Trump or not. The bottom line is the math calculations I present to you in my PDF (found for free in the “After the Interview” section) presentation is beyond any form of mathematical luck. It’s impossible for this to be luck.”