Silver Will Become More Volatile, Stay Tooned!

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Great and Wonderful Tuesday Morning Folks,

      Struggle as they may, precious metals are here to stay. Why? Because money is not earned by the banks, they simply print it to keep control of everything (for now) with Gold being held in check after yesterday’s little wake up with the trade at $1,567.30, down $1.60 after being knocked down to $1,557.00 with the high so far at $1,572.70. Silver is doing the same, held in place by the Papier-mâché of the markets with its price at $18.115, down 6.4 cents and recovering from the low at $17.975 with the high at $18.255. The US Dollar’s trade now sits at 96.475, up 12.5 points and right by the high at 96.520 with the low at 96.310. Of course, all of this was done while we slept, before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and still no impeachment papers by Nancy.

      The fiat issues may really be percolating and showing up first in the emerging markets as Silver lost more value in all 3 currencies we watch, than what was gained during yesterday’s rally which set off the algo emergency control mechanism. Maybe the volatility from yesterday has a far broader meaning for those involved in the global currency swaps. Imo, a war with Iran simply isn’t a big enough issue to cause all the (real and fiat) currency swings. Could it be the Iran issue is a head fake? For instance, in Venezuela, Gold’s price now rests at 15,653.41 Bolivar showing a pullback of 114.86 with Silver at 180.924 Bolivar proving a loss of 3.495 (when it gained 2.447 yesterday). In Argentina, Gold’s price is now at 93,600.33, proving a loss of 707.39 A-Peso’s as Silver loses 20.81 (yesterday’s gain was 14.72), with the price now at 1,081.38 A-Pesos. In Turkey, the Lira has Gold’s value at 9,363.75 showing a 71.40 T-Lira drop in value with Silver now at 108.213, it too, losing 2.143 T-Lira (yesterday’s trade was a 1.515 gain). Silver is and will, become more volatile, stay tooned!

      January Silver Delivery Demands now show a count of 6 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts proving a drop of 78 obligations from yesterday’s trade with the receipts either being given here at the Comex, or sent over to EFP-Island and with a single trade done so far at $18.015 today. Yesterday’s activity in the delivery month was pathetic as only a Volume of 3 was posted with a trading range between $18.105 and $18.025 with an adjusted closing price at $18.097.

      Silver’s Overall Open Interest, which is totally ignored by those that have no clue how it controls the price, continues to tell the story with the total count now at 234,281 Overnighters, proving the short traders added another 498 more positions in order to tell all of us holders how wrong we are about their claimed price value. At the same time Silver’s OI gained, Gold lost a few shorts after Sunday nights little blast into a 7 year high most likely burying a few unprepared firms.

      As of this morning, Iran seems to be nowhere in the news (except Breitbart), but Weinstein is, not only on the west cost but also the east with some very uncomfortable actors waiting to be outted. Then there’s the recently fired war monger Little Johnny Bolton, who claims to have something to tell as the game of obstruct, delay, f**k sh*t up, moves forward by those that are called deep state. This is the time to look for our Resolute Buyer to step in again. If the price takes a hit, he may be right there, ready to buy more as Deutsche Bank, the criminal element, and other issues that surround the Comex crimes, get ignored by media but not the DOJ.

      Enjoy the day, hold on to the real and buy more physical on the dips. As a cavate, none of this is trading advice what so ever, this is all about holding real money, while the fake gets destroyed inside the control mechanism of the criminal element. Keep the attitudes positive, enjoy the day, and as always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson