Silvers Reluctant Sellers Vs. Those Resolute Longs!

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Great and Wonder Monday Morning Folks!

      Comex Gold is giving the holder an early Christmas gift with the trade up $5.40 at $1,486.30 after touching $1,489.10 before the pullback, with the low at $1,481.20. Silver seems to be leading the charge at present with the March contract at $17.380 up 15.1 cents after hitting $17.465 with the low down at $17.230. The US Dollar is the one without movement today with the value pegged at 97.335, up 6.1 points and right there at the high of 97.355 with the low at 97.170. All of this happened already before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and still, way before Nancy Numbskull turns in those double secret  “you can’t see them because we won’t show them” articles of impeachment.

      Our Emerging Markets Currency Watch is on fire this morning with Venezuela now pricing Gold at 14,844.42 Bolivar adding 33.97 Bolivar since Friday morning with Silver adding 23.47 Bolivar to its value at 173.583. In Argentina, Gold’s value is now at 88,810.50 Peso’s proving a gain of 227.98 with Silver at 1,038.50 showing an additional 14.26 A-Pesos. The Turkish Lira has Gold’s value pegged at 8,837.20 adding 48.85 T-Lira in value with Silver now at 103.338 Lira showing an additional gain of 1.709 in T-Lira value.

      Our December Silver Delivery Demands are leading it all this morning (pricewise) as the count proves an 83 point reduction with the total demand for Physical Silver at 388 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts and with a Volume of 2 up on the board so far this morning showing how reluctant the seller is with the only price posted (high/low/last) at $17.355, up 22.7 cents from the Friday close. This of course does not take into account all those numbers in parenthesis which are still all over the place looking like an algo spoofer is still spoofing inside the delivery system.

       Silver’s Overall Open interest continues to gain, helping to prove the point that the paper doesn’t have enough real Silver behind it, with the OI adding another 1,962 more short contracts in order to add liquidity with the total count now at 211,063 Overnighters. This count is only 33,133 promissory notes away from breaking the Comex World Record of 244,196 Overnighters that has kept Silver from exploding the price higher during the past 4+ years. These short traders of Silver, have exploded the paper instead of the price, but that is as temporary a fix as can be. All we’re doing now, is waiting for the physical shortages to prove the problem in paper, and then the subsequent price “schwing” higher will occur.   

      Silver’s Option Board is still confounding us as the January Options total proves a reduction in the Overall at 18,793 purchased calls losing 65 over the past weeks’ time. Inside this total count the $18 strike and below was reduced by 66 with that total at 6,543 with the $17 strikes and under, losing 82 with its total at 1,702. Of note here, this is the first reduction we’ve seen as we get closer to the end of the options trade which closes out this Thursday. Over the years, all we recall is the constant climb as they go into expiration. Maybe this means something?

      February Silver Options added 1,256 more purchases bringing the overall total up to 12,070 with the options at and under $18 equaling 4,872, increasing that count by 596 with the $17 and below total now at 1,487 increasing the count by 112. The March Options board now carries a total count of 26,232, proving an increase of 382 overall with the $18 and below gaining 420 bringing that total to 7,986 with the $17 and below at 4,295 proving a reduction of 12 so far. April’s Silvers Call Option Count gained across the spectrum with the total at 3,827 with the $18 and below gauged at 431 showing a gain of 289 with the $17 and below adding 126 of those 289 (at $18 and below) bringing the new amount to 161.

      The previous months Call Options Count (July, Sept, Dec 2019) we’ve watched over, have yet come close to being exceeded. Said another way, there are still no large amounts of purchased Calls anymore in Silver even if we go out to 2024. Whatever was planned is over, what happens next is what we’re waiting for, and as the price swings sharply higher because only 2 – 5,000-ounce purchases were made after that very odd 987 count Volume surprised the trade last week.

       Keeping watch is what we do, hoping it encourages everyone to stay the course and to keep your savings in physical precious metals and in hand. There is nothing safer out there. So, hang on tight and enjoy the ride and as always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson