Tick Tock, The Triple Witch is Here!

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Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,

       Gold is trading lower with the price at $1,478.40 after reaching $1,482.00 before that pile of paper was applied with the low right by the price at $1,477.10. Silver gave the signal with its trade at $17.00 down 4.9 cents with the high at $17.105 and the low at $16.95. The US Dollar is flat as can be with its value pegged at 96.935, down 2.8 points with the high at 96.985 and the low at 96.805. All of this was done before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after they impeached a president because some feelings were hurt.

      In Venezuela, Gold is now valued at 14,765.52 Bolivar, shaving 17.98 Bolivar off its papered value with Silver at 169.788 Bolivar, giving the buyer another 0.549 savings from yesterday’s trades. The same affect is going on in Argentina as another day of savings arrives on time with Gold at 88,371.32 giving the buyer a 73.37 A-Peso discount with Silver now at 1,016.14 Peso’s taking out 2.94. Turkey seems to be doing something different with Gold trading higher proving a gain of 28.61 T-Liras with the price pegged at 8,782.30 Lira with Silver at 100.985 proving a gain of 0.123 in T-Lira value.

     December Silver Deliveries are consistent, in a confusing sort of way, with the Demand Count now at 324 fully paid for 5,000-ounce contracts taking out 24 requests for physicals on a reported Volume of 45 during yesterdays trades. Part of our observances in the delivery cycle is the last trade of the day and the closing price. The very last purchase/sell was priced at $16.953 but the Comex closed the trade at $16.865, with the low in yesterday’s trade at $16.845. Comex is allowed to calculate the close (we ask; to who’s benefit?). Today’s trades in the Physical Market shows a Volume of 113 so far with a trading range between $16.99 and $16.975 with the last trade at the low. Said differently, right now, the Delivery Month is trading in the positive (+2.2 cents at $16.975) but the heavily traded futures, controlled by paper, is trading lower. This is the Tick and the Tock, in the Delivery Clock, that will one day chime the problem is here, probably too late but will be loud and clear.  

       The Overall Open Interest in Silver continues to gain with the count now at 207,715 Overnighters proving an increase of 1,250 more short contracts, which had to be added in order to signal the price that only Algos can react to, in a market being drained of physicals.

      Yesterday, we witnessed the impeachment of a legally elected president, and on the flimsiest accusations, that failed only after those that did the accusing, got reviewed showing 17 intentional mis-steps by team CORNEY. The FISA courts are screaming they didn’t know they were being lied to, and the documents were proven to be filed under false testimony and hearsay, even without the chance of a counter party line of questioning of their secreted witness(es). As we move forward, one can’t but help but think that the Trump Team is already waiting in the Q as now the Senate and the Supreme Court get to have their say.

      With all the disruptive politics going on here, with the DOJ investigations of a criminal element in precious metals, the added bonus of Boris killing the socialist movement in a legal election over in England, yet all we’re seeing is the calm waters of the precious metals and currencies prices. Which is completely misleading everyone that simply looks at the price and not the actions causing the price. That duck floating around on that pond of calm-looking-water may look relax, but his feet are paddling against a current so strong that if one blinks, they may not see that duck get sucked up with everything else on and in the water as the system gets drained. We’re out of the waters and in physicals, we suggest you consider the same ….

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson