Currencies and Precious Metals, Have All Been Corralled by Algos!

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Great and Wonderful Wednesday Morning Folks,

Gold is trading lower in our earliest report with the trade at $1,480.20, down 20 cents after hitting $1,483.60 with the low at $1,479.10. Nothing says “boring” like a $4.50 trading range and being in a sideways channel for over 1-1/2 months. Silver is a little bit more active with its trade at $17.055 down 1.7 cents after hitting $17.125 with the low close by at $17.035. This is giving us sell signal that we’ve exposed, over the years, and during the Triple Witch Week, with the expected buying on the dip after tomorrows activities. The US Dollar is trading higher with the value pegged at 96.945, up 16.8 points and is the high so far with the low at 96.780. All this was done way before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Lisa Page explains (years later) what her and her lover meant when the said insurance policy blah blah blah.

In Venezuela, precious metals prices are making it easier to buy with a 25.97 Bolivar reduction now pricing Gold at 14,783.50 Bolivar. Silver is priced at 170.337 Bolivar, saving today’s buyers on average a 0.699 in Bolivar value. Argentina’s Peso, now has Golds value at 88,444.69 Peso’s giving the buyers a 116.42 A-Peso savings with Silver at 1,019.08 Peso’s giving today’s buyer a 3.52 discount from yesterday. The Turkish Lira is “not” offering a sale price on the real money (yet) with Gold now pegged at 8,753.69 Lira, increasing its value by 39.35 Lira with Silver at 100.862 Lira adding 0.193 T-Lira’s value, as the last days of the year come to a close.

December Silver Delivery Demands now stand at 359 fully paid for contracts proving a reduction of 140 from yesterday’s count, that may have been given receipts for physicals here at the Comex, or papers sent to London, or whatever the latest excuse might be for all those prices in (parenthesis) and throughout the day. Today’s trading range for the Volume of 13, posted up on the board, is between $17.00 and $16.98 with the last price at the high and the high is still the current physical price as the futures price is pushed lower than the physicals. March Silver is now below the real with its new low is at $16.950.

Silver’s Overall Open Interest continues to gain more short contracts in order to tell us futures traders what the (fake) paper value of a product is worth with the count now at 206,465 Overnighters, showing an increase of 611 contracts.

In the news yesterday, Q popped in 16 different posts with the last (3716) being duplicated. The one we like is post #3708 in which the “CORNEY” hidden message in the FISA report was proven to be something much bigger and that has been used to hide may things and for quite a while now;

search dep.justice and look what you find re corney

…confinned by then-FBI Director James 8. Corney in testimony before the House Permanent

“James 8 Corney”

How many other documents have been doctored this way to hide the evidence in clear sight? How about Hillary or Bill Clinton’s name, or any others hiding their crimes with wrong spelling? With this game being played within our branches of government, the hidden messages may be “huge” and may be a damn good reason to review all the documents with the suspicious eyes of real Patriots, who want nothing but law and order no matter what. Declassify everything and let us move forward!

Are there similar tactics being used in the markets or inside the CFTC/SEC? Stay Tooned! All Mispelled Words Matter! The past administrations links are still being brought out. One thing for sure, no matter what has happened so far, in all the countries in all of western society, the currencies refuse to budge because they have been corralled by Algos. If this was truly a free moving market, the price swings would have cleaned out a few bad banks already, and realigned a few nations as well. Yet, with all this Algo trading controlling everything in the markets, nothing has shaken the currencies. Wait till the plug is pulled!

The game in precious metals will end when the last bar is extracted from the exchanges. We know factually that the criminal element is running the vaults and their helpers in government are slowly being exposed. We know the outcome regardless of the delays in the rising price. This is why we continue to keep watch and expose what we can while we can. Enjoy your day, keep that smile on your face and a positive attitude in your head no matter what, and as always …

Stay Strong

J. Johnson