How Much of the Past Administration is Being Looked At?

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Great and Wonderful Tuesday Morning Folks,

Gold is trading higher with the value pegged at $1,482.80 up $2.40 from the Comex close with the high near by at $1,484.90 and the low at $1,478.70. Today, Silver is following with the trade at $17.125, up 1.2 cents after reaching $17.15 with the low at $17.055. The March US Dollar contract, which is now the leading futures contract in currencies, is trading at 96.595, up 1.5 points after spiking up to 96.865 (in order to fill the gap created at the close of Decembers contract) with the low right here at 96.585. All of this was done before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Adam Schiff was called a liar, traitor, and “going to jail” for his actions, by those at his own gathering in Glendale, Ca.

In Venezuela, Gold is now priced at 14,809.47 Bolivar, giving the holder another 12.99 Bolivar gain with Silver at 171.036, proving a 0.499 Bolivar gain since yesterday’s early morning quote. In Argentina, Gold is now valued at 88,561.11 Pesos, giving the holder an additional 52.89 A-Peso pop in price with Silver at 1,022.60 Pesos, giving the holder 2.25 more A-Peso’s. Over in Turkey, Gold is currently priced at 8,714.34 giving the holder another 48.59 gain in the Turkish Lira with Silver giving the holder another 0.7772 of a T-Lira with the price now at 100.669.

December (Red) Silver’s Delivery Demand count fell by 112 fully paid for contracts providing a Demand Count of 499 to start the day off and with a Volume of 4 up on the board with another singular price at $16.995, a negative 2.4 cent start from yesterday’s close. Speaking of yesterday’s delivery numbers, I observed the end day Volume of 75 when the Demand was at 611. I also watched the “ticks” in trade which totaled 7 with the last trade at $16.94, yet the Comex closed the delivery price out at $17.019. Here we have another example of the trade and the price nowhere near equaling each other. From my understanding, each tick is a purchase price, but they still do not reflect the events that are being hidden in plain site with the Volume of 75 and a reduction in count of 112 from the previous day. I am also convinced those that are supposed to answer the questions at the Comex, have no idea what is going on either. Then we go directly to the governing bodies, who have totally ignored all aspects of open market activity and free trade in order to hide the slime they’ve approved during the last administration.

Silver’s Overall Open Interest continues to prove our points we’ve highlighted over the years that the price would have exploded already had it not been for all those additional pieces of paper added during the past administrations authority, with this mornings total count now at 205,854 Overnighters proving 1,921 more short contracts had to be added in order to “stay” the price, err, I mean to add liquidity in the trade.

The past administrations closing out activities seems to be the focus of the DOJ. We believe they are right on track. AG Barr is also looking into the international trade deals as well, with the Biden/Pelosi families, being only a start. We also wonder, as well as many others in the precious metal’s markets, if Barr will be able to link the past Administration’s assistance with the one that lost, and the sudden jump in Open Interest in Silver when Trump knocked out the one, they all thought would win. Sure, seems to be heading in that direction, especially with London being involved not only in the manipulations in our election, but also the cross-border trades made via EFP’s going to London (all Harvey Organ here). All of this started before Trump won and as Obama was leaving.

We have no choice but to wait as the evidence piles up. However, the past administrations activities, not only in the election, but the former Obama appointed AG that claimed a certain bank, was Too Big To Fail, as well as letting MFGlobal’s chief thief Corzine off the hook with those links to London (transferring the balances of MFGlobal to the city), may now all being looked at thru the balanced and open eyes of the American public. Nothing to see here?

We stand strong in our beliefs, that there are real patriots in our government and law enforcement, that see what we have been thru. These people are Patriots period! They care not about party affiliation! They care about Law and Order and the Rule of Law and how everyone, including those that we elect, are under this Rule, not above it. It is time to put away the left/right paradigm and focus on the corruptions within all branches of government. The Swamp is being drained, because we are using law and order properly. Q the moments that make up a good day, keep that smile on your face and a positive attitude in your head no matter what, and as always …

Search for the Truth!

J. Johnson