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Apart form the global impact of reduced pork production as a result, this is a very real threat to China’s hegemony globally.

While China can use so called loans to extend its’ reach or even cause Russian contractors to act as a distraction or hidden extension of hegemony; it cannot escape the reality of the impact on feeding its’ people nor the contracting economies that are lowering the ability of all manner of organizations in China to service debt. Nor will bailouts of such government organizations by government banking entities which in of themselves are in distress add liquidity.

Add to this the attack of the ARMY WORM which has run its’ course throughout Asia will come home to roost shortly.

The question the world needs to ask is how will it fare in a world of declining meat protein (pork) next year when hunger becomes a reality in China. Places like North Korea will face starvation on a mass scale.

The next several years will be tough globally as nations like China are forced to face food and financial realities with secondary impact on those nations relying on their favor. This is also true in the west where a scarcity of liquidity exists amongst a deteriorating profit amongst many companies coping with declining sales volumes as consumers are forced to curtail spending.

With China in financial and food distress the march of recent hegemony expansion will all be changing with very real fallout for many parties.



China’s African Swine Fever Now Global Threat
November 30, 2019

The worst outbreak of fatal African Swine Fever disease ever has devastated the world’s largest pig population, that of China, over the past months. Now it is spreading to neighboring states and even threatens the United States pig herds. The political and human impact could be far worse than imagined as a de facto pandemic disease situation spreads. Globalization of agribusiness is not helping matters.

On August 3, 2018 a case of African Swine Fever (ASF) was confirmed in China’s Liaoning Province. Since then despite various measures to contain the deadly disease it has spread across China where as of November, 2019 in little more than a year, nearly half of China’s huge pig population has either died or been eliminated in a desperate effort to contain the disease. ASF is not deadly to humans but is 100% fatal to any pig that is infected. There is no known treatment to cure it. It can be spread by direct contact with an infected pig, body fluids, contact with equipment or clothing and via certain tick species.

The China Agriculture Ministry issued a report in August that the size of China’s live pig herd had declined by a very precise 38.7% from August 2018. Industry sources suspect underreporting and put the actual number at more like 50%. In any event it is huge, and has impacted the politically sensitive measure of China food price inflation over the past year. Pork is a mainstay of the Chinese diet for meat protein and considered a national security issue. Most pigs in China are raised by small-scale farmers who face ruin now. According to reports inside China this has led many desperate small farmers to try to hide the presence of ASF in their herds, to slaughter and sell, to avoid financial ruin.




Every Saturday, I try to drive this point home; the whole system is rigged…everything is rigged!


Hitchens: “If Bodies Like OPCW Cannot Be Trusted…World War 3 Could Be Started By A Falsehood”
December 1, 2019

. . .

But I’ve never seen one like this. It scared me. If it was true, then something hugely dishonest and dangerous was going on, in a place where absolute integrity was vital.

If bodies such as the OPCW cannot be trusted, then World War Three could one day be started by a falsehood.

Last week I reported on the first episode in this story. Within days the OPCW had confirmed that the email I leaked was authentic.

Nobody followed me home or threatened me. A few silly people on social media told blatant lies about me, insinuating that I was somehow a Russian patsy or a defender of the disgusting Syrian regime that I have been attacking in print for nearly 20 years. That was what I had expected.

But there is much more to come. And, as it grows harder for everyone to ignore this enormous, dangerous story, I suspect I shall be looking over my shoulder rather more than usual.