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As you wrote last week for subscribers if an event takes place and MSM gives it little to no coverage is there any reaction from the markets or the public?


Over 100 Missiles Against Syria: US, UK And France Committed An International War Crime Against Syria On 14 April 2018
November 6, 2019

It is now clear that on 14 April 2018, the three Governments of U.S., UK, and France, fired over a hundred missiles against Syria, on no more ‘justification’ than staged videos that had been done by those regimes’ own proxy boots-on-the-ground fighters in Syria, who are trying to overthrow Syria’s existing, non-sectarian Government and replace it by a Sharia-law regime that would be selected by agents of Saudi Arabia’s ruling family.

In other words: the fighters whom the U.S., UK, and France, had been arming and training, had themselves created this pretext of a faked ‘gas attack’ having been perpetrated against civilians, as an excuse in order for those three national regimes (which Governments are those jihadists’ own foreign supporters and backers — the real  international “Deep State” imposing the empire of which they themselves are already a part as the empire’s proxy boots-on-the-ground army) to, additionally and now directly, invade Syria, by means of over a hundred missiles against Syria, on that date: 14 April 2018.

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Perhaps most of what Americans think is true is false, and most of what Americans think is false is true, but certainly Americans are an enormously deceived and misinformed people. This nation’s military-industrial-press complex or Government (i.e., America’s billionaires, who control all of that) have seen to it, and nobody will tell the American public. (This news-report has been offered to virtually all of them for publication.) How can a nation be a democracy if the public never learn the truth about the Government that rules them?