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J. Johnson’s Latest – Silvers Resolute Resolution(s) Is At Hand!
November 11, 2019

Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,   

      Gold is higher in the early morning with the trade at $1,464.40 up $1.50 after reaching $1,467.40 with the low at $1,459.50. Silver is tagging along with its price at $16.840 up 1.7 cents after reaching up to $16.91 with the low at $16.755. The US Dollar seems to be weaker in the early morning with its value pegged at 98.025, down 17.6 points and close to the low at 97.975 with the high up at 98.235. All of this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and before the Resolute Silver buyers’ steps in again.   

      Venezuela’s Bolivar now has Gold priced at 14,625.70 giving the noble metal a 58.93 Bolivar gain with Silver at 168.190 Bolivars giving the holder a 0.85 Bolivar gain over the weekend. In Argentina, the Peso now has Gold priced at 87,312.37 A-Pesos giving the holder a 392.21 gain with Silver at 1,002.01 increasing it’s value by 3.49 A-Pesos. In Turkey, the Lira now has Gold valued at 8,457.62, increasing its value by 60.38 T-Lira with Silver now at 97.2432 T-Lira, giving the holder a slight 0.7832 T-Lira gain.   

      November Silver deliveries are confounding the sellers for sure and for certain with the demands for physicals now at 30 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts proving an increase of 27 during Friday’s knock down day in price. Just to keep everyone up to date here, last Friday did have Volume of 31 up on the board, but the Comex doesn’t think a price was necessary to post this purchase(s), which is why we constantly look and criticize.  Comex has bad math skills, and they are using it to hide the transgressions we’ve claimed for years now. So far this morning, there is No Volume and No Price to post yet as we wait for Silver to be knocked down so the buyer can step in again. Something must have scared out some traders during Friday’s raid as the Overall Open Interest in Silver waned by 3,992 reducing the count to 225,261 Overnighters still in the trade. Remember these tallies are live and are not to be used against the closing totals given at the end of each day.   


Jim Sinclair’s Commentary
Looks a little lopsided to me. IMO, the people with the biggest problem is the 1% of the 1%. What does a trillionaire do if, in fact, they are of the opinion that gold is a barbaric relic? They have to look toward resources, there is no other place to look if they don’t wish to continue being paper giants.

Richest 1% of Americans Close To Surpassing Wealth Of Middle Class
November 9, 2019

The U.S.’s historic economic expansion has so enriched one-percenters they now hold almost as much wealth as the middle- and upper-middle classes combined.