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This is Conrad, who who single sails trans-world races. He recently lost his entire mainsail in the fray. He singlehandedly sailed the to the finish many hundreds of miles away.

He jerry-rigged the ship in the fierce ocean.

He has a good sense of humor re: his training now for the Southern Ocean race.




This is why I said to Denny on Saturday, China is holding a strong hand.


How Russia and China Are Building Eurasia Into a Geopolitical Powerhouse
November 8, 2019

Together, Russia and China have outstripped America economically and militarily within Eurasia and are in the process of drawing the European Union into a vast, increasingly prosperous alliance as America pursues an increasingly dystopian future. Their leaders ares so dominant, their vision is so seductive, their alliance so strong, their weapons so advanced and their pockets so deep that their centripetal force is almost irresistible. Russia’s leadership–Putin, Lavrov, Nabiullina, Siluanov and Shoygu–is the best in the country’s history and, as President Trump observed, “China’s leaders are much smarter than our leaders. It’s like taking the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and having them play your high school football team.” President Xi has visited Moscow more than any other capital city and has met Vladimir Putin thirty times, calling him, “My best, most intimate friend.”

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Colonial nations lost their political and economic freedom because imperial centers of capital needed to control resources crucial for their survival, wealth, and power[2]. This is the real meaning of the terms ‘national security’ and ‘national interest.’ Powerful nations’ ‘national security’ is the control of an economic empire of subject states and the strategies through which this is carried out are their ‘national security secrets.’ They practice the antithesis of what they preach: their trumpeting of peace, freedom, justice, rights, democracy, and majority rule disguises those strategies for controlling other people and their resources be kept secret. The most pernicious is that multi-party democracy and a free press and must precede successful development.




On Saturday, Denny asked, “could the US Government seize private citizens gold?” I responded, “they can do what ever they want as there appears to be no rule of law”.


Pentagon: We’ll Shoot Any Syrian Official Who Tries to Access Syrian Oil
November 10, 2019

Authored by Andrea Germanos via CommonDreams.org,

Pentagon officials asserted Thursday U.S. military authority over Syrian oil fields because U.S. forces are acting under the goal of “protecting Americans from terrorist activity” and would be within their rights to shoot a representative of the Syrian government who attempted to retake control over that country’s national resource.

The comments came from Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman and Navy Rear Admiral William D. Byrne Jr. during a press briefing in which the two men were asked repeatedly about the legal basis the U.S. is claiming to control Syrian oil fields.