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As I said on Saturday’s call, this is not Hong Kong, so the MSM will not cover it.


Barcelona Mayhem: Clashes With Police As ‘Half A Million’ Pro-Independence Supporters Rally Amid General Strike (PHOTO, VIDEO)
October 18, 2019

A huge crowd with Catalan flags has paralyzed central Barcelona as people from all across the region protested the harsh prison sentences for pro-independence leaders by the Spanish court and called for parting ways with Madrid.

The police estimated that at least 525,000 turned up in the center of Barcelona, local media cited law enforcement. “Independence,”“The streets will be ours” and “Freedom to political prisoners” were among the chants heard at the massive gathering.












The rally continued more or less peacefully for a few hours, but was eventually marred by more serious violence as some of the protesters started building barricades and setting garbage containers on fire.