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That secret Russian plot to re-elect Trump is still working..

The plot’s title is “Let Them Speak” (thank you Charles) … Maybe they should put a flag up or something else to make it look like they really are on the side of Americans only…


Imagine that JB?


Nolte: Democrats Are Losing Millions And Millions Of Debate Viewers On CNN
October 17, 2019

CNN’s Tuesday night Democrat debate drew only 8.3 million viewers, a huge drop from the 14 million who watched the previous debate on ABC and Univision.

Tuesday’s debate was the fourth this year among those Democrats angling to win their party’s presidential nomination, and the ratings were the lowest of the year, even when you add the 449,000 live streams.

Back in July, far-left CNN hosted the second debate of the year, a two-night event that drew 8.7 million and 10.7 million viewers, for an average of 9.7 million. This was also a massive drop-off from the previous debate.



My bud Jay tried to get in to the Dallas Trump rally.  Reports of 5,000-10,000 outside trying to get in are absolutely true.