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J. Johnson’s Latest – All This Daily Activity Is Simply A “Show Of Distractions”
October 11, 2019

Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,   

      Gold is still being hammered during London’s trading period; we think it’s to keep everyone’s mind off all the printing that’s going on that’s collapsing the value of the US Dollar (more to come later). Gold is now trading at $1,486.00, down $15 and right by the low at $1,485.30 with the far away high at $1,508.00. Silver is being brought to bear as well with its trade at $17.44, down 16.2 cents and right by its London low of $17.42 with the high at $17.785. Now we look at the US Dollar’s value with the trade at 98.015, down 39.6 points and recovering from a low of 97.92 with the high at 98.450. Of course, all this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.   

      In Venezuela, Gold is now valued at 14,841.43 Bolivar proving a loss of 272.65 Bolivar with Silver at 174.182 dropping 3.546 in Bolivar value. Argentina’s Peso now has Gold valued at 86,060.89 showing a 1,316.55 A-Peso drop in value with Silver continuing lower at 1,009.90 reducing the money of the people’s value some 17.66 Pesos. Over in Turkey, where the problems are many, Gold’s trade under the Lira is now at 8,701.39 Lira taking out more than double yesterday’s gains proving a loss of 215.12 in value with Silver now at 102.106 T-Lira, showing a reduction of 2.743 Lira overnight.    

      October Silver Deliveries now show a demand count of 337 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts and for some reason not getting them filled showing a reduction of 2 from yesterday’s tally and with a Volume of 2 up on the board yesterday. So, once again, is this part of a spread exit or where there 2 more purchases and 4 receipts getting delivered? As of this morning, we have another 2 lot on the Volume side of the ledger and with a trading range between $17.595 and $17.40 with the last price being the low so far.