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Change is coming and our readers have been warned.


Is the Fed Preparing to Topple US Dollar?
September 1, 2019

Unusual remarks and actions by the outgoing head of the Bank of England and other central banking insiders strongly suggest that there is a very ugly scenario in the works to end the role of the US dollar as world reserve currency. In the process, this would involve that the Fed deliberately triggers a dramatic economic depression. If this scenario is actually deployed in coming months, Donald Trump will go down in history books as the second Hebert Hoover, and the world economy will be pushed into the worst collapse since the 1930s. Here are some elements worth considering.

Bank of England speech

The about-to-retire head of the very special Bank of England, Mark Carney, delivered a remarkable speech at the recent annual meeting of central bankers and finance elites at Jackson Hole Wyoming on August 23. The 23-page address to fellow central bankers and financial insiders is clearly a major signal of where the Powers That Be who run world central banks plan to take the world.

Carney addresses obvious flaws with the post-1944 dollar reserve system, noting that, “…a destabilising asymmetry at the heart of the IMFS (International Monetary and Financial System) is growing. While the world economy is being reordered, the US dollar remains as important as when Bretton Woods collapsed.” He states bluntly, “…In the longer term, we need to change the game…Risks are building, and they are structural.” What he then goes on to outline is a remarkably detailed blueprint for global central bank transformation of the dollar order, a revolutionary shift.




Everyone appears to discount the likelihood of the world running out of gold.










Well lo and behold, perhaps many eyes will soon open to that possibility.












CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Gold In Japan Reaches Highest Since 1980 – Surging Demand Results In Delays To Buy Gold
September 6, 2019

◆ Gold has reached its highest price in Japanese yen since 1980 at 165,045/oz (see charts below) as the yen depreciates amid “global economy jitters”

◆ A surge in demand in Japan is resulting in gold buyers needing to wait “2-3 hours to close deals” on gold bars according to Japan’s largest gold broker Tanaka Kikinzoku

◆ Gold is up 16% year to date in Japanese yen and near 40 year nominal highs due to concerns about the outlook for the yen, the Japanese and the global economy

◆ There is a “global hunt for the safe haven precious metal amid worries that the U.S.-China trade row could further depress the global economy” according to Reuters (see story below)

◆ Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) gold futures have been surging since August and one commodity brokerage said Japanese speculators were taking profits at these levels