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Hello and thank you again for letting me turn the knob in your head. It is my opinion great days are ahead for precious metals holders (of all investment types).  Most of us understand the idea that our money is coming home. It’s the reason we’ll see all things under the US Dollar go higher in price and that it will occur when the world stops using our currency (US Dollar) as a hedge against its own holdings which may be forced out of their control, and back into our country causing all manufacturing, farming products, in short, all things physical, sharply higher in price. And it could quite possibly push the S&P and the Dow to newer life of contract highs as well. All this could happen because of the hidden Eurodollar system created to obstruct every nation’s control of its currency, at least this is the thesis in my opinion after reading The Monetary Fifth Column: The Eurodollar Threat to Financial Stability and Economic Sovereignty in the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law.

We know the Dollars are coming home so we delved into the Eurodollar system that is a massive and liquid issuance(s) that is not only a part of the US Dollar’s debt system, but every single currency within the central banking system has a Eurodollar trading system over looking it too! Yuan, Yen, Swiss Franc, British Pound, et al. have a Eurodollar system. They too have their printed cash held in other central banks, to use as a hedge against that nations interest rates, and is completely outside the printed currency’s national rules and regulators. My next special write up will delve into this thesis and will offer various reasons for why we may be at the truest point of contention as the currencies collapse upon the printers and those forced to live under an inaccurate mathematical problem created by the few to control the many.

We’re putting this out there as an intro to a weekend report we will produce in order to explain what may be part of the currency war with China, with the Federal Reserve as a puppet, not for the USA benefit, but for a group of bankers, who have set this system up to bypass the SWIFT system. The Vanderbilt report must be read, if not, don’t bother reading further, it is that important!

The bottom line question in all of this will be; what happens to an asset a central bank holds that is about to turn worthless or can only be used in the country that printed it? That may be the point when the SHTF, and many believe we are there now. Until the weekend …

Stay Resolute!

J. Johnson


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