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JB with some humor for us, the only problem is “they” think the public is so stupid this explanation may actually be floated?
















CIGA Nat checks in with a reminder for us of Howard Buffett’s thoughts on precious metals.


You probably have already seen this, but since you posted the incredibly revealing graph comparing Berkshire Hathaway to Gold,  I thought the Super Irony of Buffett’s Father’s writings on Gold in 1948 when he was a congressman from Nebraska, Juxtaposed to his son Warren’s disingenuous Hypocrisy on the value of PM’s would be of interest to your readers.  Wonder what he’ll do with that 120 billion in cash he’s sitting on.  If he’s smart he’ll listen to his Father’s words and do the same thing with gold he did with silver, except keep it this time, and don’t write derivatives on it. Your readers might find Howard Buffett”s  “Freedom Rests On Gold” fascinating, enlightening, and encouraging.