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Can’t help but wonder what people are thinking.

“Germany’s yield curve is negative all the way out to 30 years”


And many other global debt markets, including the U.S, are currently or expected to go negative.

“With more than $15 trillion in debt trading with a negative yield, there doesn’t seem to be any better alternative to gold,”


That sort of leaves out getting any sort of return in the debt markets.

In fact, you have to PAY to keep your money there.

That, by definition, in NOT an investment.

The stock market appears toppy to say the least, especially with the spectre of global recession hanging overhead, especially with widespread currency wars in vogue and Central Banks losing all control.

 “If Trump’s administration considers intervening in the U.S. dollar to bring it down, expect to see another steep rally in the yellow metal price,” Sayed states.


Gold’s surge is a message:  Central Banks are out of control;

..gold is a measure of faith in central banks that everything is under control.


Perhaps someone can direct me to alternative that doesn’t guarantee to lose me money?

Aside from precious metals, of course.

This looks like a no brainer if I ever saw one.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech