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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Maybe I am just old fashioned but I would suggest the University should be “investigated”, not the woman!

University Investigates Feminist Grad Student For Saying Men Can’t Become Women
July 12, 2019

Title IX office is involved

What are the odds a feminist graduate student could be under siege for feminist rhetoric on a California campus?

Under an intersectional framework and evolving definition of “woman,” much higher than you might expect.

University of California-Santa Barbara doctoral students, alumni and “allies” are demanding the administration take action against Laura Tanner, an outspoken critic of transgender ideology and doctoral candidate in its Department of Feminist Studies.

Tanner’s Twitter feed is dominated by discussion of transgender ideology’s threat to women, including young lesbians. She believes that transgender women – biological males – are wrongly appropriating a female identity.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

I don’t get it? They fly the Mexican flag on US soil, why not just move to Mexico? Oh, that’s right, Mexico will put you in jail if you enter and stay in their country illegally…what a concept!

Crowds Will Protest Outside Aurora Immigrant Detention Facility July 12
July 11, 2019

A large protest set to take place Friday, July 12, from 7 to 9 p.m. outside the immigrant detention facility in Aurora is expected to draw more than a thousand people.

“We want to close down the detention center, and we want them to release these immigrants to their families or sponsors,” says protest organizer Patty Lampman. The facility in Aurora is run by private prison company GEO Group through a contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The demonstration is tied to a worldwide call to action known as Lights for Liberty; as of July 8, 626 Lights for Liberty protests have been planned across the globe, including hundreds in the U.S. and in at least 25 countries. At 9 p.m. at each location, protesters will simultaneously light candles or shine their cell phones.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

Maybe more than any other current stupidity, people will look back upon the current era and negative interest rates and ask “what in world were they thinking”?

The Black Hole Engulfing the World’s Bond Markets
July 12, 2019

There’s a multitrillion-dollar black hole growing at the heart of the world’s financial markets. Negative-yielding debt — bonds worth less, not more, if held to maturity — is spreading to more corners of the bond universe, destroying potential returns for investors and turning the system as we know it on its head. Now that it looks like sub-zero bonds are here to stay, there’s even more hand-wringing about the effects for mom-and-pop savers, pensioners, investors, buyout firms and governments.

  1. Why invest in a bond that will lose you money?

Typically, bonds are the safest assets on the market, so many investors seek them out at times of heightened market stress, say a U.S.-China trade war or tensions in the Persian Gulf. A bond can have a modestly positive coupon when issued by a government, institution or company, but once it starts trading, high demand by investors can push its price up — and therefore its yield down — to such an extent that buyers no longer receive any payment. Some funds track government bond indexes, meaning they must buy the bonds regardless of the yield. And some investors can still make positive returns on these bonds when adjusted for currency swings.