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J. Johnson’s Latest – Googles Revolving Door Into The CIA/FBI Is Like The CFTC’s And The Central Banks
June 27, 2019

Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,   

      Our Thursday starts off with another reduction in price with Gold at $1,408.50, down $6.90 after dipping down to $1,404.10 with the high so far at $1,415.30. Silver is attempting to lead the decline with its trade at $15.18, down 11.4 cents and close to the low at $15.15 with the high not that far away at $15.275. The US Dollar is in a patterned trade that looks to climb higher but for now we’re at 95.70, down 2.8 points and it too close to the low at 95.67 with the high at 95.92. All of this was done mostly during the overnight in London, before 5 am pst and the Comex open.   

      Our emerging markets currency watch shows the Venezuelan Bolivar to be holding Gold at 14,067.39 losing only 5 Bolivar with Silvers price at 151.610 losing 1.548 Bolivar in the overnight. Argentina’s Peso has Gold pegged at 60,112.20 gaining 414.12 Peso’s with Silver now at 647.821 losing 1.913 A-Peso’s. Turkey’s Lira now has Gold under its trade at 8,130.90, proving a gain of 5.62 Lira with Silver showing a price of 87.6244 showing a loss of .795 T-Lira as well. It appears Gold is getting harder to control within these emerging currencies than Silver is for now, but that too will change in time.     

      The June Silver Delivery period has passed bringing in the July Deliveries with tomorrow being the First Notice Day, giving the investor one more day to get out of the delivery contract with the Open Interest Count right now at 14,897 demands for physical and with a Volume of 12,648 so far this morning. If the trade is anything like yesterday or the day before, the pump and dump numbers in the Volume column (in July) will triple the OI numbers as the Algo’s continue to pump and dump all the while the prices barely move.