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I think we covered this several times. Countries, in the end, will have to do what is best for them, not what is best for the USA.


As China Looms, Australia’s Military Refocuses on Pacific Neighbors
June 11, 2019

By Jamie Tarabay

. . .

Prime Minister Scott Morrison played it down as a “reciprocal visit” and a sign of “the relationship that we have.” National security experts, however, called it a show of force by China and a double-edged reminder of Australia’s longstanding relationship with China and its growing military ambitions.

“No Australian government is willing to risk relations with China by siding too overtly with Washington,” said Hugh White, emeritus professor of strategic studies at the Australian National University. “This has become more and more clear as U.S. rivalry with China has become more overt.”

Mr. White said Australia had waning confidence that the United States — a reduced presence on the global stage under President Trump’s America First policy — would prevail over China in their strategic contest.

“That’s because China is far stronger than any previous rival, and America, especially under President Trump, looks weak and unreliable, despite the tough talk,” said Mr. White, who recently published a book titled “How to Defend Australia.”




Never seen this before, but we have a Volume of 40 in June Silver, the delivery month, but no purchases or any price posting…I have no explanation for this whatsoever! Keeping watch!

J. Johnson