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J. Johnson’s Latest – Resolute Longs Keep The Precious Metals Strong!
June 13, 2019

  Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,   

      Even though the shorts tried to keep Gold from rising it continues to gain ground with August Gold at $1,340.40, up $3.60 after reaching $1,342.70 with the low at $1,335.90. Silver is higher as well with the trade at $14.80, 4.7 cents above yesterday’s Comex close after reaching up to $14.835 with a low we wish to never see again at $14.72. The US Dollar is trading at 96.925, down 4.5 points after dipping to 96.86 with a high at 96.985. All of this was done sometime before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.   

      Gold, under the Venezuelan Bolivar, is now at 13,387.25, rising 9.99 Bolivar with Silver at 147.815, continuing its gain by adding another 1.25 Bolivar in the overnight. In Argentina, the Peso has Gold priced at 58,519.65 taking back some of gains to the tune of 1,330.33 Pesos with Silver trading at 646.086 pulling back 14.166 Pesos. Over in Turkey, and under the Lira, Gold is priced at 7,855.90 adding 97.47 of value with Silver adding 1.194 of T-Lira value with its price at 86.7713, showing us 2 out of 3 emerging market currencies approve the holding of physical Silver and Gold. Ask your broker or pharmacist, if real physical Silver and Gold is right for you.   

      The June Silver Delivery System has been stymied since the last purchase was made over a week ago with the count stuck at 2 and with Zero Volume up on the board so far today. Commercial Signal Failure is what we’re looking for here in our Comex Silver market, and the only way that can happen is when the buyers take on the organized and algo control currency systems put in place in order to make currencies look better, but only on paper. Silver’s Overall Count continues to gain more shorts in order to stay the price with the count now at 230,191 Overnighters adding an additional 4,013 more shorts to the mix. What counts the most is who blinks first here, if that physical buyer comes in, it could be our boon, if so, these Resolute Longs will own the field of play and we’re off to newer highs. What could go wrong? The longs could panic first and we start again, rinse, wash, and repeat, until someone runs out of physical at these below all mining costs prices.


Bill Holter’s Commentary

If you repeatedly lie and spread fake news, would you expect your ratings to go up? Maybe CNN should go back to basics and re learn what the definition of “journalism” is?

Nolte: Death Spiral Continues as CNN Loses One-Third of Primetime Audience
June 12, 2019

The far-left CNN’s ratings death spiral marched into last week as the fake news network lost one-third of its primetime audience and a breathtaking 55 percent of its demo viewers.

When compared to this same week last year,  CNN also lost 21 percent of its total day viewers.

How bad is this?

Well, you can’t blame a slow news week because not only was President Trump on an overseas trip, but as you will see, CNN stands completely alone with this massive audience implosion.

By comparison, in primetime, MSNBC and Fox News only lost four percent of their viewers compared to last year and seven and five percent of their total day viewers, respectively.

Let me lay this out for you as starkly as I can.

Primetime Viewership Compared to Same Week Last Year

Fox News: -4 percent

MSNBC: -4 percent

CNNLOL: -33 percent