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I am sure any minute China will back down? Not a chance.

They would lose face at home and that can not happen.


China’s Wei Threatens ‘Fight To The End’ With US
June 1, 2019

China’s top security official on June 2 articulated an uncompromising defense of his country’s stance on the contested South China Sea and threats to invade Taiwan in an anticipated address at a top security conference in Singapore.

“Building facilities on one’s own territories is not militarization,” Lieutenant General Wei Fenghe said, responding to accusations that China has militarized islands in the sea as a means of taking effective control of what the US and others regard as international waters.

Wei also warned of a “fight to the end” with the US in their escalating trade spat, and a “fight at all costs” for “reunification” with Taiwan, the island nation China considers a renegade province. The US has recently upped its strategic support for the democratically-run nation, much to Beijing’s chagrin.

“No attempts to split China will succeed. Any interference in the Taiwan question is doomed to failure,” said Wei, dressed in his uniform of a general in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).