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The Velocity of Money chart for those that listen to the JSMineSet subscriber audio.


Velocity of M2 Money Stock (M2V)











Could declassifation of prime documents cause dehydration?


I live in the land of dehydration, this is not it…


Watch: Sickly Nadler Passes Out During De Blasio Presser
May 24, 2019

Maybe he’s tired from signing all of those subpoenas.

One day after Nancy Pelosi publicly questioned President Trump’s mental health and suggested that his family should consider an ‘intervention’, Jerry Nadler – the chairman of the Judiciary Committee and point man for various Congressional investigations involving the president, staff from his 2016 campaign, and members of his administration – appeared to pass out during a press conference held by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Footage shot by NBC New York shows de Blasio stopping a press conference at P.S. 199 in the Upper West Side of Manhattan to come to Nadler’s aid, offering the Congressman water, and remarking that he appeared to be dehydrated.

When de Blasio asked if he was okay, Nadler responded with a faint ‘no’.