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The author may be anonymous but the numbers are correct.  …COMEX is used to price gold and silver by the brute force of paper.  This game will change overnight when it does!



Tens of millions of virtual gold ounces, or hundreds of virtual gold tons are traded per day on the Comex, with a purported physical delivery component to them

Yet, not one single ounce has moved inside the 9 separate dealer vaults in about a week. These vaults purportedly hold 7.7 Million ounces of gold, but not one single ounce has moved in about a week (makes sense right).

Today, about 600 tons of purported virtual gold futures were traded, yet the dealers have barely 6 tons in the dealer vaults.

The COT report indicates that the Commercials (“Dealers”) currently have a net short position of 312 virtual gold tons and a gross short position of 1,018 virtual gold tons.

2 of the 9 dealer vaults have not one ounce of dealer gold!

6 of the 9 dealer vaults have not one ton of dealer gold!

Yet, the Comex is the world’s foremost price discovery mechanism for the physical gold price.




But I thought unemployment was the lowest it’s been since 1969???



Subject: 102.047 million working age Americans did not have a job in April up 259K from March or 49% of potential working age Americans | FRED

96.223 million working age Americans Not in labor force for April  https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/LNS15000000

+ 5.824 million working age Americans unemployed for April https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/UNEMPLOY (when you no longer receive unemployment compensation you are moved to the not in labor force category even though you still don’t have a job and are no longer counted as being unemployed.)

102.047 million working age Americans for April without a job up 259,000 from March.

/ 206.354 million potential working age Americans for April https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/LFWA64TTUSM647S#0

49% of working age Americans for April without a job.