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PT Barnum would be proud.

There’s a sucker born every minute.

First we got tap water bottled for the public and sold at 1000x the price.

Nice scam. And the public deserves every bit of this deception.

Ever have a glass of water sit on a night table overnight and take a drink?

It’s flat and tasteless.

That’s because fresh tap water is aerated for flavor.

Bottled water is no different. Tasteless and flat.


Now we’ve got fake meat.

At a hefty price increase!

It will most likely take the yuppie market by storm.

But not us old timers.

What next?

Meat made from recycled waste products, treated with chemicals and additives for nutrients, texture, and flavor?

What in the world is life coming to?

Want to be healthier? Don’t gorge! Simple.

Or simply eat some veggies with your meat.

Hey…..wanna buy some bronze?

Looks just like gold.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Why General Mills, Cargill And Puris Are Cheering Beyond Meat’s Big IPO
May 3, 2019

Beyond Meat, the California meat-substitute maker, soared on its first day on the public markets after a bigger-than-expected initial public offering. And it brought a couple of Minnesota companies along for the ride.

The company’s debut — shares were priced at $25 and closed Thursday at $65.75 — was one of the best IPO performances in years. The New York Times has more details on the IPO itself and where L.A.-based Beyond Meat goes from here.

The Star Tribune, meanwhile, reports on the local impact of the IPO: Golden Valley-based General Mills (NYSE: GIS) was an investor in the startup, which uses pea protein and other vegetable products to make meatless burgers and sausages. And much of the the pea protein used in its recipes comes from Minneapolis-based Puris, which in turn is backed by Minnetonka-based Cargill Inc.

General Mills has been working with Beyond Meat for six years — the startup was one the first outside company backed through 301 Inc., General Mills’ in-house venture capital arm. It’s not clear how big 301’s stake was in Beyond Meat — neither 301 nor General Mills is listed as one of the company’s biggest investors in SEC filings. John Haugen, managing director of 301 Inc., said the company sold its stake as part of the offering.