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Bart Chilton, The Silver Martyr, Spelled Out In Detail The Criminality Within The CFTC
April 30, 2019

Great and Wonderful Tuesday Morning Folks,  

     Turn around Tuesday has started off right with Gold at $1,287.70, up $6.30 and close to the high at $1,288.20 with a low at $1,281.50. Silver is still following with its value pegged at $15.03 (July) up 9.7 cents with the high only ½ a penny away and a low at $14.94. The US Dollar seems to be dropping more than the metals are rising with the global currency of choice now at 97.29, down 29.1 points with the low right there at 97.28 and the high at 97.625. All this of course is done without the view of the American public, way before 5 am pst, the Comex open, and the London close.  

     Our emerging market currency watch continues to show the volatility we expect in the majors with the Venezuelan Bolivar now pricing Gold at 12,860.90 gaining 46.94 Bolivar with Silver at 150.112 gaining only .299 in the last day’s moves. In Argentina, the Peso’s wild swings now has Gold pegged at 57,102.13, losing 1,777.09 A-Pesos with Silver at 666.460 dropping off 21.849 in value. Get used to these price swings, that’s why we post them.  

     The May Deliveries in Silver start today with the first count posting 4,203 Demands for Physical, as 29,023 positions were removed yesterday and at the very last moments. The Volume posted this morning shows 185 contracts traded so far with a 32 lot buy order at 14.93 waiting to get filled as we wait and watch for the physical draining to force the prices higher. Silver’s Overall Open Interest took a big hit with the total count now at 198,351 Obligations as 14,592 overnighters jumped ship while the price refused to move during yesterday’s Comex sleep.