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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Sir Richard Russell spoke of this many years ago until his death. He termed it the “synthetic dollar short”. A VERY REAL CONCEPT! We will discuss this on Saturday’s call.

China’s Dollar Problem Comes Out Of The Shadows
April 16, 2019

Authored by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners,

Once you see the whole thing, you can’t unsee it. But therein lies the problem. It is so far out there away from mainstream convention getting anyone to recognize what their eyes are recording is an enormous task. Even when someone happens to uncover, for themselves, a significant piece it is often too unfamiliar to truly appreciate its significance.

In Plato’s Republic, the philosopher tells of his brother being taught by Socrates through the allegory of the cave. Prisoners chained up living forever inside the dark space only perceive the wider outside world via shadows projected upon a blank wall as objects or other people pass by a fire. These inmates even give these shadows names and think of them as real.

They never desire to leave, either. What they know of existence is all they want to know. The shadows suffice for their worldview, having never seen the outside. But once broken out and into the world, the world of observation, they can never go back to the shadows.