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President Trump always wants to know who’s behind everything; who’s manipulating news against him.

Congress always wants to know who’s behind supporting Trump and who can prove false allegations against him.

But no one, and I mean NO ONE, looks behind the curtain to expose the nefarious dealings in the gold market.

It’s so obvious when you look at the timing and the manner in which contracts are sold. Even a child can see it!

Manipulating gold is no different than manipulating the news to influence the public. It’s a form of propaganda with its agenda hidden from the public’s eyes.

Goebbels, the Master Propagandist, would be proud.

People should demand to know. Just like they should demand to know what the FED is involved with.

Anything that affects our country and concerns the public’s money, should have full transparency.

Imagine if corporations were to manipulate their numbers! Oh wait…….

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Gold Dumps As ‘Someone’ Decides 0830ET Is Perfect Time To Puke $1.5 Billion Notional
April 16, 2019

Precious metals traders are using the ‘f’ word a lot this morning – ‘Fiduciary’ – as they question the rationale for ‘someone’ deciding to puked over 11,000 gold futures contracts (around $1.5 billion notional) into the market, sending the price tumbling to its lowest since January…









Some have argued this is technically driven as Gold breaks below its 100DMA…