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One Of These Days, Cheap Silver Prices Will Be Fixed By Cheap Silver Prices
April 16, 2019

Good Tuesday Morning Folks,    

       Our early morning precious metals trading report starts off the same way it did yesterday, all trading lower with Gold leading the dip at $1,287.10, down $4.20 with the low at $1,285 and the high at $1,291.70. Silver is following along with its trade at $14.90, down by 7.5 cents with the low at $14.875 and the high at $14.975. The US Dollar is down as well, just like yesterday, with its value pegged at 96.555 down .001 of a point recovering from its low at 96.505 with the high at 96.705, all this was done way before 5 am pst and the Comex open. It seems the money manipulators have the entire gambit under wraps as we look into the emerging markets failed currency, the Venezuelan Bolivar, which has pegged Gold at 12,854.91 losing another 25.97 Bolivar overnight however Silver is trading at 148.814, a positive gain of .25 Bolivar.    

     April Silver’s Open Interest remains at 1 and with zero Volume up on the board so far, unchanged from yesterday’s number. The biggest and most glaring issue in this pricing game is the fact that the manipulators have no fear what so ever about facing any penalties for breaking the laws regarding hedging positions as well as their antics with the EFP’s going into Britain. Silver’s Overall Open Interest continues to climb now totaling 223,314 Overnighters as 3,471 more shorts get added to the fray to stay the price, at the same time the Open Interest in one of the primary delivery months collapses early on, with the Open Interest in May just about ready to break down below 100k mark with the count now at 102,663 as the Options in the said month close out on April 25th and the last trading day for the paper longs in May leave on the 26th. One of these days, cheap prices will be fixed by cheap prices, it is the way all trading works, that is until recently.