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This Game Of More Buying Making Prices Cheaper, Should Not Last Much Longer
April 11, 2019

Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,  

    The Monkey hammer is out with the beatings continuing till morale is improved with Gold down $9.40 at $1,304.50, right beside the low at $1,304.20 with a high at $1313.10. Silver seems to always lead the downside when the shorts force the issue with its trade at $15.04, down 20.4 cents and is the low with the high at $15.215. The US Dollar is not getting much of a boost from this push as the trades value is now pegged at 96.65, up 9.2 cents with the usual caveat, right at the high of 96.665 with a low at 96.50. All of this is done way before the Comex Open and 5 am pst. In Venezuela Gold is now pegged at 13,028.69, proving the markets took back 30.97 Bolivar with Silver at 150.212 Bolivar, losing 1.89 overnight.  

     April Silver’s Delivery Demands got an extra boost in purchasing yesterday as another 18 lot was added to the fray, yet the numbers on the board do not show the additions to the delivery count, with the April OI still at 16 demands for physical and with a Volume of 1 up on the board so far this morning. It is apparent purchasing doesn’t matter until they have nothing to deliver, so we’ll keep an eye on the numbers and report till our markets make the corrections of a life time. If this type of delivery issue is not evidence enough to prove purchasing at Comex no longer gives a real price discovery, then maybe the constant increase in the Overall Open Interest will help prove our accusations as the OI continues to climb with the count now totaling 212,971 Overnighters. The shorts added another 3,981 more positions to stay the price even though a larger purchase than was already scheduled was placed and settled. This game of more buying making prices cheaper, should not last much longer.  

     The past couple of days had lots of FOMC data and British BS to cloud the airwaves, but there was also more discovery presented providing evidence that the past administration was doing illegal spying on Americans because of party affiliation as Attorney General William Barr admitted on Wednesday that the Obama administration ‘spied’ on President Trump, and has vowed to get to the bottom of it. After yesterday’s finale with Maxine, friends, and AG Barr, Q posted;