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The Precious Metals Mystery In Deliveries Has New Chapter In The Book Of Bullshit
April 3, 2019

Great and Wonderful Hump Day Morning Folks,  

     This early morning positive report shows Gold trading higher, adding $2.30 to the closing price, at $1,297.60 (June) after reaching to $1,299 with a low at $1,294.50. So far, only 70,650 contracts traded while London was labeled as being open with the Open Interest at 326,122 (June). The Volume will gain huge amounts all the while Comex is open and the movement in price stays the same. At least everyone in the scheme is getting paid including the governing bodies who are supposed to protect us as they too get algo generated commissions, profiting those who can trade within a few pennies daily using tens of thousands of positions which are used against the individuals and corporations that use this system to find real pricings. Silver is following the leader with its trade up only 3.9 cents at $15.10 with the high to beat at $15.16 and a low at $15.07. The Dollar’s rally seems to be taking a breather with it price pegged at 96.61, down 31.3 points and closer to the low at 96.525 with the high at 96.89, all this was done way before 5 am pst and the Comex Sleep. The Venezuelan Bolivar sure has been going thru some sort of correction with Gold now at 12,959.78, gaining back all of yesterday’s fall and some of Mondays as well proving a gain of 38.95 Bolivar overnight with Silver gaining 1.048 Bolivar at 150.811.    

     It looks like the precious metals mystery in deliveries has another chapter in the book of bullshit as Harvey O still cannot get the data we’re all supposed to get from the exchanges pointing to the EFP’s going to London and our own Comex physically traded Silver on the exchange;

Sorry… We are (conveniently) experiencing technical difficulties.

Our team is working on the issue and we will be back soon(er or later).