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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Every step forward for China is a step backwards for the dollar…

The Beginning Of The End Of SWIFT: Russian Banks Join Chinese Alternative Global Payments System
March 31, 2019

With Russia actively dumping US dollars and buying gold at the fastest paced in decades, the writing is on the wall when it comes to what the Kremlin thinks of any possibility for a detente in the painfully strained US-Russian relations.










And with Russia now clearly seeking to end monetary ties with a dollar-denominated “west”, there is just one alternative – China. Which is why it will probably not come as a surprise that several Russian banks joined the China International Payments System (CIPS) also known as China’s “SWIFT”, to ease operations between the two countries, according to a senior official at the Central Bank of Russia (CBR).

“As for the cooperation on payment systems, a range of banks are already connected to CIPS, allowing to facilitate payments routing procedure,” Vladimir Shapovalov, who heads a division dealing with foreign regulators at the CBR’s international cooperation department, said earlier this week during the international Russian-Chinese forum.


British Voters…Who Needs Them? All They Do Is Get In Their Way…
April 1, 2019

Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,   

      Gold starts off our Monday down $2.90 with the trade at $1,295.60, approximately $3 off the low at $1,292.60 and almost equal to the distance from its high at $1,298.50. Silver is also down just a little with the trade at $15.065, off by 4.5 cents with its low at $15.03 and the high to beat at $15.145. At least the US Dollar is doing the exact same thing that is dropping in value, with its trade now at 96.69, down 15.5 points with the low at 96.61 with the high at 96.835. All this was done sometime way before 5 am pst and before Comex’s opening, we’ll call “the big sleep”. The value of Gold in Venezuela is now priced at 12,939.81 Bolivar, losing another 26.96 in value since Friday’s early morning report with Silver now at 150.462, barely losing .15 of a Bolivar as we hope to see the big change everyone knows will occur, sooner than later. The Argentinian Peso is now showing Gold has gained 16.3% with Silver gaining 17.5% since the first of this year as we wait for more emerging chaos to occur in the very near future.   

      April Fool’s day starts off with the Silver delivery demands at 706 contracts waiting for receipts either here or in London with a Volume of 13 posted up on the board so far this morning. Once again showing us all, the “delay in live data” is in total observation mode, showing once again, the OI count is unchanged from Friday mornings quote, helping to prove Comex is no longer leading anything but following, even in the most valuable and worthwhile data feed. This delayed data shows that Silver’s Overall Open Interest lost only 297 contracts (that only an April fool would believe) as we are forced to wait for Comex, which is why we want to blockchain all of this, making for a more accurate and “live” data feed.    

      Apparently the British love politics as a heaping pile of Teresa May Delay is still a major part of Friday’s leftovers that is carried over to now as the UK will ‘likely’ leave Europe without a withdrawal deal on April 12. Yeah right! And Teresa May will come up with another “wonderful” idea, another vote, just before that date. Whose side are the politicos on anyways? Politics has failed completely, Teresa May has delivered 2 and ½ years of Nothingburger and has been saying all along “My Deal or No-Deal with no time left to do anything else.” British Voters? Who needs them? Definitely not the politicians! All voters do, is get in their way.