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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

The most powerful assume 2020 to be a strong economic period, therefore QE to Infinity – plus a shift to Fiscal Stimulation from practically nothing can be reliably anticipated.

– Reporting-Quality Issues Mount With Shutdown Catch-Up Data
– Fourth-Quarter 2018 GDP Growth Slowed Sharply, With Further Downside Adjustments Pending in July 26th Benchmarking
– Industrial Production Benchmark Revision Patterns Suggested Still-Slower Fourth-Quarter and Near-Contraction First-Quarter Activity
– Contracting First- and Second-Quarter 2019 GDP Activity Likely Follows
– Housing Sector Remains In Deep Recession, Despite Government-Shutdown Disrupted Headline Numbers
– U.S. Economy Continues to Weaken More Sharply and Quickly Than Widely Acknowledged, Signaling a Formal Recession Triggered by Overly Aggressive FOMC Tightening and Rate Hikes of the Last Year or So

“Bullet Edition No. 5”