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What a shit show our country has become.

The Boeing affair was all over Bloomberg Radio this morning.

“In recent years, the FAA has shifted more authority over the approval of new aircraft to the manufacturer itself, even allowing Boeing to choose many of the personnel who oversee tests and vouch for safety. Just in the past few months, Congress expanded the outsourcing arrangement even further.”

The President doesn’t rule.

Congress doesn’t rule.

The people don’t rule.

It’s the manipulators and profiteers in the financial and corporate arenas that rule.

What next?

-Big Pharma approving its own new drugs?

-Auto companies monitoring their own emission and safety standards?

-We already know precious metals, stocks, bonds, government economic statistics are all controlled and manipulated.

-Our minds have already been taken over and controlled by a soiled media.

These have become a dangerous set of precedents!

The people are being led to slaughter for the almighty “buck”.

CIGA Wolfgang Rech

Boeing Drops as Role in Vetting Its Own Jets Comes Under Fire
March 18, 2019

(Bloomberg) — Boeing Co. tumbled early Monday on heightened scrutiny by regulators and prosecutors over whether the approval process for the company’s 737 Max jetliner was flawed.

A person familiar with the matter on Sunday said that the U.S. Transportation Department’s Inspector General was examining the plane’s design certification before the second of two deadly crashes of the almost brand-new aircraft.

Separately, the Wall Street Journal reported that a grand jury in Washington, D.C., on March 11 issued a subpoena to at least one person involved in the development process of the Max. And a Seattle Times investigation found that U.S. regulators delegated much of the plane’s safety assessment to Boeing and that the company in turn delivered an analysis with crucial flaws.

Boeing dropped 2.8 percent to $368.53 before the start of regular trading Monday in New York, well below any closing price since the deadly crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 on March 10. Ethiopia’s transport minister said Sunday that flight-data recorders showed “clear similarities” between the crashes of that plane and Lion Air Flight 610 last October.