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Bill Holter’s Commentary

As I alluded to in today’s writing, the “madness of crowds”. Even though not correct, they are the majority…

Realizing How Great It Is To Be Here Now!
March 18, 2019

Great and Wonderful Monday Morning Folks,  

      Gold is trading higher, at least while I’m writing with the latest price at $1,303.70, up a dollar in between a high of $1,306 and the low at $1,298. Silver is barely up as well with its trade at $15.34, adding 1.6 cents to Friday’s close and close to the high at $15.36 than the tested low at $15.22. The Currency Rollover is today, part of the Triple Witch accounting swap out we’ve been following for decades, with the US Dollar trading 20 points lower at 96.39, which is the low so far, with the high at 96.54. All this of course was done some time before 5 am pst and the Comex Open. In Venezuela, where debt is considered far more valuable than physical anything (that is until last year’s little flip) is showing Gold’s price at 13,020.70 proving a minor gain of 4.99 Bolivar, with Silvers price now at 153.208 losing .20 of a Bolivar as we hear but cannot trust anything from the news services about real news there.     

      March Silver’s Delivery Demands are showing an undelivered count at 75 requests for physical with zero Volume up on the board so far this morning. We doubt this number is correct since it was Friday’s open count and since we’ve gone thru this each Monday, we’ll wait for the Comex members to catch up with our requests, after all, we are the many against 1 or 2 Algos, too bad we can’t vote on this stuff, eh? Silver’s Overall Open Interest did drop a little on Friday before they stopped counting with the totals so far at 186,863 positions still in trade proving a loss of only 308 Overnighters as the count continues to fall in ever so slow a fashion all the while the international politicos are climaxing their dramas on how important it is for them to retain all their ill-gotten power over their voting populations.