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Silver Is Hated By The Empire As Much As The Millennial Falcon
March 14, 2019

Great and Wonderful Thursday Morning Folks,   

      Gold is down this morning with the trade doing exactly the opposite of what it should, with the price now at $1,298, once again below that ($1,300) Maginot line with the London Low right there at $1,295.70 with the high to beat (and it will in time) at $1,310.30. Silver is equally punished for being part of the global economic barometer that works regardless of the game with its trade at $15.24, down 21.6 cents and, of course, right beside the low of $15.21 and the high at $15.47. None of this activity is about the US Dollar or our nation’s weakness within the arena of economics and finance, the Dollar’s value is up 25.3 points, just because of Britain, with the value pegged at 96.765, close to the high at 96.805 with the low that needs to drop a hell of a lot more at 96.475. Of course, all this had to be done while we sleep and while Britain ignores its voters.

      Our Venezuelan example of too much printed fiat is showing Gold’s conversion price at 12,963.78 Bolivar, taking back about 87.89 Bolivar from yesterday’s huge gains with Silver now at 152.210 losing even more than it gained yesterday now totaling a loss of 2.546 Bolivar overnight. No matter what currency Silver is calculated under, it is equally as hated by the Empire as much as the Millennial Falcon has been in the Star Wars movies over all these decades. One thing for certain, Silver and Gold will never go away because they are real and the biggest pain in the ass for the failing fiat empire.