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Bill Holter’s Commentary

Damn right something went wrong…finally something that’s not fake news!










Q drops Lisa Page + Spotlight Brexit
March 13, 2019

Great and Wonderful Hump Day Morning Folks,

         We are seeing a rare follow thru day today as Gold seems to be adding some more value with the trade at $1,306.80 up $8.70 closer to the high at $1,309.40 than the low of $1,300.60. Silver is following but still adding value with the trade at $15.495, up 8.2 cents inside a trading range between $15.55 and $15.435. The US Dollar is once again stagnant with its value pegged at 96.815 down 7.9 points and close to the low at 96.795 with the high at 96.985, all this was done a bit after 5 am pst, because of all the windows updates. Venezuelan Gold is now priced at 13,051.67 adding a humongous 99.88 Bolivar in value overnight with Silver now priced at 154.756 adding .699 Bolivar.    

     March Silver’s Delivery Demands remain constant with the requests for physical standing at 417 contracts with a Volume of 2 up on the board so far this morning. Silver’s Overall Open Interest dropped a bit more during yesterday’s activities with the count now at 189,878 Overnighters proving another 1,075 obligations left the trade as the market went higher. Normally this would indicate shorts exiting the trade, but with Algo’s? Who really knows anymore?

           Yesterday was rather enlightening when Q dropped the note about the Lisa Page Testimony being released for all to see and discuss giving us a much deeper view into who/what/why/where was going on while the Tarmac Meeting, Hillary Clinton, and those inside the upper levels of the “initials” management approached the problem of an insider not making it into office under their support. What was being discussed behind the scenes will make things far more interesting in the future because we have yet to discuss (in depth) Britain’s involvement. No point in going there right now because Teresa May is demanding spotlight time with her Brexit deal (being) crushed by MPs AGAIN meaning we’re no nearer to quitting EU after 993 days. Proving the point that politicians have no purpose what so ever but to obstruct, delay, and phuck shit up (very very familiar).