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Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Mr. Williams share with us the REAL numbers.

– U.S. Economy and Markets Are Transitioning, and It Is Not Good News
– Excessive FOMC Rate Hikes and Tightening of the Last Year Have Pushed the Economy to the Brink of a New Recession, Exacerbated by the Shutdown
– Headline Back-to-Back First- and Second-Quarter 2019 GDP Contractions Likely Follow Still-Pending Reporting of Sharply Slowing Fourth-Quarter 2018 GDP; Consider Plunging Retail Sales, Production, Manufacturing and Freight Activity
– Unprecedented in 100 Years of Reported U.S. Manufacturing Activity, December 2018 Marked a Record Eleven Full Years of Economic Non-Expansion
– January 2019 Monetary Base Suffered Its Steepest Annual Decline Since Triggering the Second Down-Leg of the Great Depression
– Income Dispersion Worst Since Before the 1929 Stock Crash and Great Depression
– With a Tanking Economy, the Stock-Market Sell-Off Is Far from Finished; Political Discord in Washington Should Exacerbate and Intensify Market Instabilities
– Does This Concern the FOMC and Government Policy Makers? It Should!
– Driven by Energy Prices, 2018 Annual Inflation Measures Hit Multi-Year Highs, Not Driven by the FOMC Rate-Hike Canard of an Overheating Economy
– Time for Congress to Revisit the Concept of the Federal Reserve?
– U.S. Treasury Fiscal Operations Are Not Sustainable, Threatening Ultimate Financial-Market and U.S. Dollar Turmoil 

No. 983a: Updated ALERT, Advance Economic and Financial-Market 2018-2019 Review and Preview

Bill Holter’s Commentary

This unfortunately is correct…