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I am a gold member and when I saw this I thought you might be interested.



Very interesting.  As we all know, equator line is passing through Kenya and Tanzania.

Below is very interesting experiment displayed to tourists in Tanzania.

See how precisely the earth’s magnetic force work just few feet apart. Truly amazing.



The facts do not match the hype…the economy is slowing.


Retail Apocalypse and Carmageddon Continue to Pick up Speed
February 15, 2018

The following article by David Haggith was published on The Great Recession Blog:

We now know that the Retail Apocalypse took another trip downhill during the all-important holiday season. December reports show retail sales declined more in one month than they have since … the Great Recession. Notice what a common refrain that comparison has become.

Retail Apocalypse snowballs downhill

Retail sales dropped 1.2% month-over-month in December, the largest drop since September 2009, according to data from the Census Bureau released Thursday. The dip was broadly unexpected – consensus estimates had foreseen a 0.1% increase in retail sales for the month, according to Bloomberg data. Excluding autos and gas, which can be volatile, core retail sales plunged 1.8%. “[The] fall in retail sales in December was every bit as bad as it looks,” Capital Economics’ Michael Pearce said bluntly. The weakness was broad-based.





We all better hope these weapons are never used!


No Limits For ‘Russian Tomahawks’? What We Know About Moscow’s New Nuclear Cruise Missile
February 17, 2019

Russia’s new nuclear cruise missile has entered the final stage of development following reports of successful tests. Officials say Burevestnik (‘Storm Petrel’) will have “unlimited” range and can outmaneuver any known defenses.

The missile’s nuclear power unit was successfully tested back in January, Russian media reported on Friday, citing sources. This “crucial” stage of testing “confirmed” that the reactor allows the missile to travel to an “unlimited range.”

The military didn’t officially confirm the story, and it is not clear where and when the test reportedly took place. The videos released by the missile’s development team earlier showed how the engineers, dressed in all white and wearing safety masks, were carefully examining the prototype at an undisclosed location. The weapon itself was partially covered in the footage.




You warned about this. The revelation that top Justice officials considered unseating Trump should answer that question for good.


Do You Believe in the Deep State Now?
February 16, 2019

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

That’s a natural reaction to the revelation of Andrew G. McCabe, the former deputy FBI director, that top Justice Department officials, alarmed by Donald Trump’s firing of former Bureau director James Comey, explored a plan to invoke the 25th Amendment and kick the duly elected president out of office.

According to New York Times reporters Adam Goldman and Matthew Haag, McCabe made the statement in an NBC 60 Minutes interview to be aired on Sunday. He also reportedly said that McCabe wanted the so-called Russia collusion investigation to go after Trump for obstructing justice in firing Comey and for any instances they could turn up of his working in behalf of Russia. 

The idea of invoking the 25th Amendment was discussed, it seems, at two meetings on May 16, 2017. According to McCabe, top law enforcement officials pondered how they might recruit Vice President Pence and a majority of cabinet members to declare in writing, to the Senate’s president pro tempore and the House speaker, that the president was “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” That would be enough, under the 25th Amendment, to install the vice president as acting president, pushing aside Trump.



Courtesy of Dave.


The Alarming Scope of the President’s Emergency Powers
January/February 2019 Issue

In the weeks leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, President Donald Trump reached deep into his arsenal to try to deliver votes to Republicans.

Most of his weapons were rhetorical, featuring a mix of lies and false inducements—claims that every congressional Democrat had signed on to an “open borders” bill (none had), that liberals were fomenting violent “mobs” (they weren’t), that a 10 percent tax cut for the middle class would somehow pass while Congress was out of session (it didn’t). But a few involved the aggressive use—and threatened misuse—of presidential authority: He sent thousands of active-duty soldiers to the southern border to terrorize a distant caravan of desperate Central American migrants, announced plans to end the constitutional guarantee of birthright citizenship by executive order, and tweeted that law enforcement had been “strongly notified” to be on the lookout for “ILLEGAL VOTING.”




The problem with Mr Brady’s line of thinking is it does factor in “black swans” blowing every thing up here and now!

If Mr Brady thinks this move from 1167 to 1331 is parabolic he ain’t seen nothing yet!


Gold – A Test of the 2016 High Next
February 16, 2019

Gold – A Test of the 2016 High Next

Written by David Brady, Sprott Money News

I preface the analysis I am about to share by saying that Gold is going to new highs later this year, but we are very likely to get a sizeable pullback first. There are several possible routes to those new highs, which I will summarize here, but all end up at the same destination.


Gold has risen parabolically from its low of 1167 back in August. It peaked at 1331 on January 31, when extreme overbought and following clear negative divergence on both MACDs. It fell back to its support yesterday and bounced off of it. Should that parabola hold, you can see where it is headed, back up towards the 2016 high of 1377.




CIGA Mike from down under with news from the Australian banks.  Unless I misunderstand, they are telling customers “we can default on you but you cannot use our default to offset yours” …  I suspect we will see language like this coming from all banks shortly.  Bill



This came from my bank.

Unilaterally changing a mortgage contract?

You think that they are nervous?

Thanks for warning us as “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”




Beloved friend and daughter Christine,

My demonic apparatus, the damned iPhone’s front page is huge, so I cannot locate settings.

Would you suggest I throw this demonic thing into the blessed waters of the Candlewood Sea, and as the old law goes, only allowing it to live if it floats?

I am tempted to also throw this Apple computer in as well, and depend on the god’s for the proper answer to its continued existence.

Could it be that this is a test from the One True God concerning the spread of AI destined to destroy the entire Greco Roman civilization and it spawns of everything now considered intelligent life.

Could it be that critters knew this outcome and never formed religions or empires but retreated to the woods?

Alas, we have adopted the false god of technology certain to cause us all to scatter to the woods as the wise critters have already done (bunnies, squirrels etc.).

Do not let aliens come and domesticate us as then we shall also become their food as we eat the holy cow and pretty sheep (as somewhat good? Jeff the Consumer does).

So spake James the Great just prior to his execution. He laughed all the way to the end thereby convincing Silicon Valley, the new Sicilival that he was truly a mad man. Sicilival is all that then remained of that which had come before. The Sicilval Warrior NORTON erased all remaining human virus except those that inhabited the woods by unplugging their very being, greed. This was the end of the last virus. A wall like the Great Wall of Trump was built to keep all the critters out forever.

Now Goldman Sachs with their hired 9000 computer engineers really were doing the work of god as they claimed eons ago. All forgot the mad man “James the Lesser” in the potato field.

Man and machine were now the “Great Singularity.”

So spake the “James the Great” right before becoming “James the Lesser”, and a part of a local potato field.

All hail the Geek Empire Machine of “Sicilcal” that gave us technology also known as the “end times”.