Dear Readers

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Dear readers,

I believe in the following nine rules as fundamental truths.

1/ Foundation of law is the Constitution of the Nation.

2/ Law rises from the Constitution.

3/ Rule of law is the key ingredient to National success.

4/ Free markets are an absolute must.

5/ Free markets must eliminate unfair computer games and manipulators, plus front runners, especially the standing government.

6/ The Federal Reserve is the major manipulator in all things now.

7/ Free markets are the basis of capital creation, not casino.

8/ Without Free Markets capital creation dies.

9/ Without capital creation the nation dies.

I am not a capitalist. That notion eventually kills the creation of capital as above explained.

Economics is natural law and can never be eliminated but, yes, delayed.

Delaying the economic natural law destroys the fabricate of business.

Destruction of the fabric ate of business results in very long term consequences.

Democracy is a dream of the Greeks that has never happened there or anywhere else.

This is my personal belief, and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of my associates.


Jim Sinclair

Executive Chairman